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Marathon Compound Melting Kettles

Marathon Compound Melting Kettle - 245 gallons

A 65-gallon unit is available in these rubberized asphalt kettles in a skid mount or trailer mount with electric brakes on the trailer. This model is designed to handle smaller jobs with elevator access or small areas. This unit has a 5.5hp gas engine and has a mechanical agitation. A single 410,000 BTU vapor propane burner is installed on this kettle. Trailer unit is shown.

The 145, 245 and 370-gallon propane fired compound melting kettles are trailer mounted and have electric brakes. They have 5.5hp gas engines. UCMK145T & UCMK245T units have a single 410,000 BTU vapor propane burner with auto shut-off valve and the UCMK400T, which is the 370 gallon unit, has two 410,000 BTU vapor propane burners with auto shut-off valve. Diesel fired units are also available in the 145 gallon, 245 gallon and 370 gallon kettles which come equipped with electric brakes, diesel burner(s), diesel Kubota engine, hydraulic agitation plus other optional equipment.

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